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Melissa Gutierrez Producer Film Red Carp
Melissa Guerrez Film Producer
Melissa Gutierrez Producer Film at 2019

Melissa Gutierrez Clavijo (AKA Melissa Gutierrez) is a trilingual Film and Television Producer. 


She is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. But born in Bogotá, D.C., Gutierrez has a long list of accreditations from around the globe's most crucial entertainment hubs, such as Bogotá, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York. Gutierrez has more than ten years of experience in all positions inside the production department, from Production Manager to Executive Producer. Her work has granted her the opportunity to execute commercials for major brands such as Nike, LG, and Hyundai.


Millions have seen Gutierrez's work in Television in "Behind the Spotlight", a docu-series about the prominent executives who run modern-day Hollywood. Her work in music videos play head to head in viewership; under her portfolio, Melissa has produced for Latin-Grammy nominee pop stars: Martina La Peligrosa, and Adriana Lucia, amongst many others, as the known K-Pop star Hylayn. 


Gutierrez's slate of films has been nominated and won multiple awards in international film festivals of high regard. In 2020, due to her long list of merits and accolades, Villa del Cine Film Festival, a renowned Colombian film festival, invited Gutierrez to join their panel of official judges.

Gutierrez's work continues to break well beyond the big and small screen, as she continuously uses her producing skills in other formats. The search to break away from formats has led her to be part of the production teams for multiple years in a row of major live events such as Hispanicize in Los Angeles and the Person of The Year presented by Pepsi at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. 


While exploring the path of production, she discovered a new love in audiences' psychology and the behavior of data connected to it. Looking to break from the mold, Gutierrez later found a way to merge by indulging in marketing and working as a producer for commercials and ads in various agencies.


Today, Gutierrez leads a multi-city team of 200+ employees from a Los Angeles headquarters as the VP/Head of Production at Narrative Ads. A groundbreaking digital ads marketing agency with global brands such as Instacart, Fabletics, Unilever, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Doordash, to name a few, amongst other 50+ brands for which she has produced well over 1,000+ ads with revenues well over the million dollars. 


Her latest feature-length film, "Captive," a psychological thriller, has recently penned the North America distribution deal with the distributors of "Capone" with T. Hardy, and “Hard Kill” with B. Williams. Captive won "Best Picture" at the  Horrorhound Film Festival (H2F2) and the Nevermore Film Festival.

- Active member of Women in film.
- Selected amongst hundreds of applicants as one of the Young Entertainment Professionals of 2021 by the Hollywood Professional Association.


Master of Fine Arts in Film Production

Bachelors in Media & Communications

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

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